About us

Since 2017 Prestige Hotel and Aquapark (founded in 2005 under the name Golden Yavor Hotel) is managed by one of the leading in tourism on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast line tour operators – "Prestige Travel & Tourism".


"Prestige Travel & Tourism" annually serves tens of thousands of tourists in Golden Sands resort,  in Sunny Beach resort, and recently in Sofia. The founded in 2007 company is the exclusive partner of one of the largest tour operators in Israel and as such determines the main parameters and standards of quality and service at the emitting Israeli market. "


 “Prestige Travel & Tourism" has a leading role in the Israeli market in Bulgaria, covering 70% of this market. Taking the management of the current Prestige Hotel and Aquapark , “Prestige Travel & Tourism” offers an upgraded and modern 4-star hotel. Special customer care and high quality of our travel services are our priorities.Be here and now at Prestige Hotel and Aquapark , where our team will take care of your unique  vacation!